We know how to build good software

We're a cross-functional team with deep digital product expertise. Our constant focus is on perfecting the strategy, design, and engineering work that is needed to deliver great solutions, over and over again.

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Our Principles

Work makes up 80% of our life. We need to make it as enjoyable as possible. And we believe that the solution is to remove all the manual and unnecessary processes from our daily tasks. That's why we build B2B SaaS and Business Tools - that's the software that can change the way your work works.

What makes us

With every product launched, we took a step back and analyzed our process. What went well? What went wrong? And where can we improve? And that’s how we perfected our craft.

It’s true — we used to be like the others. But not anymore. We understood what worked best and kept doing more of that. And that means researching in-depth, focusing on solving the most important problems for the user, working with our clients long-term, and specialising in developing great work software.

Research comes first

If you don’t know who you’re building for, then your product will flop. That’s why we put deep research first.

We no-code with no hassle

We’re partnered with the top no-code platforms and host Berlin’s No Code Klub. In short, we know our way with no-code.

We’re tech partners

We don’t build products and leave. We work with clients to maintain, expand, and iterate their technology.

Meet the team

At Naviu, we believe that our team is our greatest asset. We're a group of passionate, experienced, and creative individuals who are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals
Diogo Guerner
Joseph San Agustin
UX/UI Designer
Irving Salillas
Project Manger / QA
Oluwatosin Ologundudu
Bubble Builder
Collins Kiptoo
Full Stack Developer
Temitope Ologundudu
Bubble Builder
Praise Alo
UX/UI Designer

We are seasoned builders, experts in no-code

Code has its advantages, and so does no-code. To craft the best products, we need to build the basis in no-code for its speed and agility, together with a bit of code for its power. This is how we excel: we work with tech stacks optimized for fast delivery of on-scope products.
Our Stack

We're here to help you every step of the way, from brainstorming to launch 🚀

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