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Trust is the foundation of any business. So make sure you leave a great first impression when a prospect visits your website. Launch a website that looks and works great and set your business apart.

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Client Portals

Emails, documents, tasks: all mangled up inside your inbox. A client portal fixes this by centralising all of the communications you do with client, partners, and suppliers - and makes you look extremely professional.

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Accelerate Your App Development with Us

Our development process is designed to deliver your app faster and more efficiently. With our expertise in no-code, code, and AI, we can build custom solutions that meet your business needs.

Average Timing
1 week
Project Manager, Product Manager, UX Lead Designer
- Sitemap
- User Stories
- Roadmap with detailed steps towards delivery
- Regular alignment calls
This is when we go over your goals and define the best product strategy to achieve them. We give our opinion on how to achieve your vision, and lay out a clear roadmap.
Average Timing
1-2 weeks
UX Designer
- Figma file with a visual representation of your product (Low Fidelity and High Fidelity Design)
We’ll design your application on Figma so we can quickly iterate on your feedback. Your opinions will be heard, together with our critical judgment based on years of experience. In the end, it’s your product, and it needs to solve your problems.
Average Timing
3-6 weeks
Developer, QA Specialist, Product Manager
- First version of a fully functional app
Workflows, navigation, integrations - our engineers put together the app according to spec. We'll also conduct regular QA testing to make sure everything works as expected.
Average Timing
1 week
QA Specialist, Developer, UX Designer, Product Manager
- Finished application ready to be tested by the users
Once development is completed, we'll do the final QA testing round, to identify any bugs. If there's any that come up, they'll be promptly fixed. You'll get your app bug-free.
Our Stack

We’ve helped hundreds of global companies

Testimonials from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.

"There is no better technology partner than Naviu!  When deciding on such an important partner, there is no easier decision.  Working with Naviu ensured our MVP would come out the gate moving, and Training OS has been transformed by the partnership.  Their ability to bring talented programers, graphical designers, and business experience to our ideas made our concepts materialize with a jumpstart.  I couldn’t imagine doing this without Naviu"

Dr. Jonathan Borgwing
Co-founder at TrainingOS

"Working with Naviu was an excellent experience from start to finish. They helped us fine-tune our MVP strategy and collaborated with us to align feature prioritization. Their team also provided a top-notch UX/UI design and exceptional development work. Their attention to detail, transparent communication and understanding of our needs made the entire process effortless. We are extremely satisfied with the final product and are happy to continue this collaboration for the next iterations"

Konrad Schäfers
Co-founder at Clap

"The approach of Naviu was really programmatic and concise. After a first meeting, we presented TrödelSpende’s needs via a short Loom video and that was enough for Naviu to start working. They quickly presented the first results and got feedback to iterate further. After only 10 days, they delivered an amazing new UI version of our platform, making it way more polished and professional"

Stéphane Piette
CEO at Troedelspende.de

"Working with Naviu.tech was an absolute pleasure. From the very start, they were able to quickly grasp the scope of our project and what we were hoping to achieve. They were able to deliver a final result that exceeded our expectations. We are extremely satisfied with the end result and would highly recommend Naviu.tech to anyone looking for a partner who truly cares about delivering outstanding results"

Dr. Nicholas Folger
Co-founder at Weitergründe

"In Naviu, we found more than just an agency; we found a partner. Their commitment and dedication to understand our needs and translate it into a professional looking and user-friendly application was exactly what we needed. In the end, the feedback from our users is great and we couldn't be happier with the end result. We look forward to continue this collaboration in the future"

Jules Ratier
CEO at Koncile.ai

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