Replace spreadsheets to manage millions in assets

About Project

Devin, the founder of Stewardly, identified a gap in the wealth management market during his time working in family offices. The reliance on Excel spreadsheets for managing sizable investments was outdated. His solution was Stewardly: a platform built for high-net-worth individuals, combining ease of use with advanced customization to manage their unique investment portfolios.

Project Duration
16 weeks
United States
Tool Stack

Our Approach

To address these issues, we created a platform to migrate from Excel to a more robust, intuitive system. The focus was on clear data visualisations and a user experience that was both seamless and customisable to the individual needs of each user. This platform included a dashboard with extensive filtering capabilities and chart options, a detailed transactions database to record investment movements, and an asset summary & database to manage and analyze investments.

The Result

The deployment of Stewardly's platform marked a pivotal shift in investment management. Information delivery is precise, client communication is easy, and human error is minimized. Their MVP brings forth major benefits to the industry. After the release of the MVP, Naviu and Stewardly continue to work together to do further iterations.

10 +
Onboarded clients
+$20 Million
in Managed Assets
NPS score from clients

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