Aspire Planning

Converting Excel into a SaaS that handles work between clients and contractors

About Project

Targeted at project planners and controllers managing major projects in industries such as construction, telecommunications, and energy, Aspire Planning was designed to replace time-consuming Excel and email processes. Its goal: to establish a more effective method for managing program submissions and enhancing communication between clients and their vast network of contractors.

Project Duration
3 Months
United Kingdom
Tool Stack

Our Approach

Understanding the challenges Aspire Planning faced, our collaboration aimed to create a solution that would centralize communication, streamline data flow, and reduce email-induced errors. The MVP for their web application was designed with a dual login system, allowing both clients and contractors to effectively collaborate, review, and analyze program data through visually engaging graphs and charts. We focused on core functionalities such as periodic data submission, graphical representation, version control, and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, we aimed to integrate client-specific figures, submission commentary, and approval mechanisms.

The Result

The development phase was a journey of precision and collaboration. Every feature was meticulously crafted to resonate with Aspire Planning's vision and address the challenges they faced with excel + email communication. The outcome was impactful. The platform not only provided an enriched user experience and clear data visualization but also led to a significant decrease in errors. The centralized communication pathway meant fewer emails and enhanced overall efficiency. Overall their SaaS platform has set a benchmark for companies aiming to enhance their project management and communication dynamics.

-60% ⚡️
Average reduction of emails sent
Human introduced errors
Efficiency increase when using the platform

"Naviu consistently delivered outstanding results, presenting us with a highly functional web app right on schedule. Their team excelled in maintaining regular communication, leading proactive discussions, and valuing feedback. With their exceptional communication skills, clear and direct approach, and transparent processes, they ensured a seamless and highly productive collaboration."

Jamie Richards

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