Scaling Employee Appreciation with a No-Code SaaS

About Project

Clap aimed to reinvent the way companies express appreciation to their teams. The objective was to develop a web application that enables businesses to curate personalized appreciation packages, making the act of thanking employees an easy, but impactful experience.

Project Duration
3.5 Months
Tool Stack

The Challenge

The practice of employee appreciation, while crucial to company culture, often involves cumbersome processes with an impersonal touch. Clap recognized the need for a system that could deliver personalization at scale, transforming corporate gratitude from a logistical challenge to a delightful experience for both the giver and receiver.

Our Approach

After an initial workshop to define the MVP strategy, we decided to go forward w ith an e-commerce store that allows for the creation of branded merchandise and snack-filled gift boxes. It was designed to feature a premium but fun navigation, with playful elements and the use of memes to enhance the user experience. In addition to the customisation of the boxes, the user was also able to create custom videos to ensure each appreciation package had an extra personal touch. In addition to these features, we carefully crafted the entire ordering and delivery process to make sure Clap offered an effient experience to the users, but also internally.

The Result

Clap’s transformed employee appreciation into an easy, enjoyable task by: enabling managers to efficiently coordinate personalized gifts for hundreds of employees; offering a memorable unboxing experience that felt both personal and professional, and replacing generic gifting solutions with a platform that puts thoughtfulness and personal connection at the forefront.

Clap’s platform has set a new standard in employee appreciation, demonstrating that even in the digital age, personal touch and thoughtful consideration can be beautifully scaled.

+ 65.000
Gifts sent in the 1st year
+ 500
Clients in the 1st year
+ 100
5 stars review from clients

"Working with Naviu was an excellent experience from start to finish. They helped us fine-tune our MVP strategy and collaborated with us to align feature prioritization. Their team also provided a top-notch UX/UI design and exceptional development work. Their attention to detail, transparent communication and understanding of our needs made the entire process effortless. We are extremely satisfied with the final product and are happy to continue this collaboration for the next iterations"

Konrad Schäfers
Co-founder at Clap

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