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Replacing spreadsheets to perform assurance reviews at scale

About Project

Eve Consultancy wanted to productise part of their service and transition from Excel-based processes into SaaS platform that streamlined their project assurance services.The intent was to offer a streamlined, scalable solution enabling efficient project evaluations their service for Australian Government departments and project management professionals.

Project Duration
9 weeks
Tool Stack

The Challenge

The current system involved the use of spreadsheets, emails and shared google drive folders. Everything was done in a manual way and the current system was very time consuming and prone to human-error. Scaling this service in the current format was very hard, so together with Eve Consultancy we've decided to create a digital solution that could not only simplify the entire process but provide a better user experience and overall service to their clients.

The Result

The productisation of the assurance review service allowed to deliver:

  • A scalable, turn-key product that unlocked new markets and client opportunities.
  • Significant reductions in manual data handling and administrative tasks.
  • A centralized system yielding consistent and actionable insights for clients.

This strategic development not only set a new precedent for project assurance services but also positioned Eve Consultancy at the forefront of digital transformation in their industry.

20 +
Onboarded clients
Internal time spend in the process
Increase in revenue from this service

"Our spreadsheet tool had reached its capacity in functionality and size. Naviu had the knowledge and skills to successfully develop it into a secure and scalable SaaS solution, while also positively transforming the user experience."

Sam O'Connell
Project Manager

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