Achieving Koncile.ai's Vision with a Revitalized UX/UI Design

About Project

Koncile carved a niche with a distinct vision. Their aim was clear – harness AI-driven reconciliation technology and empower users to effortlessly identify supplier invoice discrepancies. Their technical implementation was great, but the presentation needed refinement

Project Duration
3 Months
Tool Stack

The Challenge

While Koncile had successfully developed the backend for their application but the initial frontend prototype on Bubble.io was lacking a professional looking UX/UI and a strong implementation of workflows. This clearly didn't resonate with the core essence of their innovation. They had the backend technology in place, but it lacked the intuitive and visually captivating interface that was crucial for user engagement and instilling confidence for onboarding clients.

The Result

The outcome was transformative. With the revamped UX/UI design, Koncile's application transitioned from being a mere functional tool to an immersive experience. Users could now navigate the platform with ease, truly harnessing the power of the AI-driven features and appreciating the innovation in its full glory.

Innovation paired with the right presentation can achieve its true potential. Koncile's journey stands as a testament to this. With a design now aligned with their groundbreaking technology, they are poised to redefine the landscape of AI-driven reconciliation.

Koncile validates 95% of your invoices for you
5 ⭐️
User feedback regarding platform's UX/UI
Ability to detect 30+ types of anomalies

"In Naviu, we found more than just an agency; we found a partner. Their commitment and dedication to understand our needs and translate it into a professional looking and user-friendly application was exactly what we needed. In the end, the feedback from our users is great and we couldn't be happier with the end result. We look forward to continue this collaboration in the future"

Jules Ratier
CEO at Koncile.ai

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