How we integrated Generative AI with an Education App

About Project

TrainingOS, after the successful launch of its first version, was on a mission to elevate its platform. With the rise of AI and its potential in the educational sector, the team at TrainingOS saw an opportunity. They envisioned a platform where the manual processes of the past were replaced by the efficiency of AI, specifically GPT-3 and GPT-4.

Project Duration
4.5 Months
United States
Tool Stack

The Result

The integration was a success. TrainingOS 2.0 was launched within two months, showcasing the power of AI in education. The platform was not only efficient but also intuitive. The result? A significant reduction in the time educators spent on content creation. And the market noticed - within the first week of its launch, TrainingOS 2.0 garnered 300 users, marking a great start to its monetization journey.

TrainingOS 2.0 stands as a testament to why we should adapt to new technology. By recognizing the potential of AI and acting on it, TrainingOS transformed its platform, offering unparalleled value to educators. The future of education is here, and it's powered by AI.

No of users onboarded in the first three months of launch
Performance improvement over previous version
Continuous improvements

There is no better technology partner than Naviu! When deciding on such an important partner, there is no easier decision. Working with Naviu ensured our MVP would come out the gate moving, and Training OS has been transformed by the partnership. Their ability to bring talented programers, graphical designers, and business experience to our ideas made our concepts materialize with a jumpstart. I couldn’t imagine doing this without Naviu.

Dr. Jonathan Borgwing
Co-founder at TrainingOS

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